Complete Certification Path Certificates

For the complete certification path, please download and install the ECEE e ECCE certificates below.

For a proper installation of these certificates please refer to the technical documentation in the support area(PT only).

Certificado ECEE ECEE Certificate
Certificado ECCE ECCE Certificate
Certificado ECCE ECCE 001 Certificate (mandatory for certificates issued after 25-06-2015)





For certificates issued from July 10, 2020, the trust chain to be installed is as follows:

Certificado ECEE ECEE Certificate - ECRaizEstado 002
Certificado ECCE ECCE Certificate - ECCE 002

Electronic Certification System   of   the   State

Sistema de Certificação Electrónica do Estado (SCEE)

The Electronic Certification System of the State (SCEE) – was created by Decree-Law nº 116-A/2006, of 16th June 2006, to assure the unity, the integration and effectiveness of the strong digital authentication systems in the electronic relations of individuals or legal entities with the State and among public entities.